Oct. Community Meeting Summary

An enormous thank you to everyone who spoke at and/or attended the Portola community meeting on October 23, 2014 at the Palega Park Recreational Center. Over dim sum, cheese and crackers, and other goodies provided by the PNA Board, a full room of neighbors and merchants had incredibly productive neighborhood updates and discussions. We began with a Meet […]

It’s October… Which Means Community Meetings!

The Portola Neighborhood Association would love to see all of you at our October Community Meeting, anyone and everyone is welcome! It’s been a while since our last get-together, so come hang out with your neighbors and find out what’s happening in our wonderful Portola. Get updated on everything happening in the Portola! Contribute to discussions on transportation safety […]

San Bruno Avenue Trash Can Project

Most businesses on San Bruno use five gallon plastic buckets as trashcans that are not easily seen by pedestrians, increasing the amount of litter around the storefront areas. From February to May, Out of Site Youth Arts Center, a group of high school students who surveyed Portola and attended meetings with merchants and residents, designed and built twelve […]

Ready. Get set. GO!

With less than 3 weeks to go, the FIFA World Cup will begin on Thursday, June 12th! An international men’s soccer or football tournament draws viewers from around the globe! So what team are you rooting for? Here’s the 2014 FIFA Schedule for your convenience! The PNA will be hosting the USA vs Portugal match on Sunday, […]

Get Involved Summer 2014

Looking for something to do this summer? Home from school for the summer or live in San Francisco? We’re looking for good help for the summer! Be it volunteering for our upcoming events, getting involved with our committees or even interning with the PNA office for the summer, we’re interested in having some more people join […]

Alemany Island Project

With the recent completion of the Alemany Island Project, the gateway to the Portola looks vibrant and beautiful. Each panel tells a different story of the neighborhood’s past and present. With items reminiscing of the past and images that you can see today! The project was featured in SF Gate! Read the article here. We […]